Most people call themselves either “cat people” or “dog people”. I personally love both! Regardless, I feel like no one will be able to resist these cuties! Made from wool, felt and other materials, these cats are the perfect couch companion! They are warm and cuddly and will never need a litterbox or lent roller for that pesky fur! Here is how our wonderful Charmed Volunteers made them:

Step #1: Create a Pattern

We created a pattern for what we wanted our cats to look like. On paper we drew the shape of our cat and a round circle base, then we added seam allowance around the edges. Patterns are helpful when you are going to make multiple versions.

Step #2:  Collect Fabric

We used wool fabric, parts of sweaters, felt and other fabrics to layer and sew together – keeping the raw seams out. Next, we pinned the pattern onto the fabric and cut out the shape of our cat.

Step #3: Sew the Fabric

After cutting out the pattern, we sewed the front and back together and then turned it right side out. Our kitty is taking shape!

Step #4: Create the Base

Next, we made a beanbag bottom to make sure the cat sits upright. We simply sewed two round pieces together and stuffed the center with beans. Hint: it might be best to use marbles or small pebbles to avoid attracting critters. Eweeee!

Step #5: Create the Tail

Some of our cats have pipe cleaner tails – just wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make it curly.

Step #6: Fill with Stuffing

We took the cat and base pieces and sewed them together before stuffing and stitching the final side. At this point we used hot glue to secure our cat’s tail. Last, we embellish her with a cute collar and bell or anything that fits her personality! Voila! Your new favorite couch buddy!

As always, if this project feels like too much to tackle, you can come into our store and buy one that has been made by our amazing Charmed Volunteers! And I promise none of these cats shed!