With all the amazing wine we have in the Grand Valley my wine collection has been growing quickly. I’ve been wanting to display some of my favorite bottles in my home but haven’t been able to find a unique wine rack I like, so I decided to make my own with the help of our Charmed Volunteers.

We recently received a donation at Heirlooms of some vintage wooden crates. I love the look of the old wood, so we disassembled them into slates to make this rustic wine rack.

If you’d like to make your own wooden crate wine rack, follow our DIY tutorial below. If you don’t want to DIY this project, our Charmed volunteers have made some that are available for purchase at Heirlooms for Hospice on Main Street in Grand Junction.

STEP #1: Disassemble old wooden crates into single slates.

STEP #2: Cut the slates into 5-inch pieces and arrange in a patchwork pattern. Use screws to secure the pieces onto two pieces of two-by-four wood. This will create the base for the wine rack.

Once our base was finished, we thought some donated leather belts would make the perfect straps to hold the bottles, but we didn’t have any bolts that matched our rustic vibe, so we decided to make our own.

STEP #3—Rust Bolts: In a bowl mix 2 tablespoons of salt and enough white vinegar to cover the bolts and let them sit overnight. The following day, move the bolts to a new container. Add salt to the new container and enough peroxide to cover. The mixture will began oxidizing instantly. Leave the mixture for 30 minutes until it stops bubbling.

STEP #4: Once your bolts are beautifully rusted, you are ready to attach the belts. Using the rusted bolts, screw the belts down on both sides, leaving a big enough loop to fit a bottle through.

The wine rack was complete just in time for Wine Fest!

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