Repurposed, farmhouse, rustic, reclaimed and recycled are words that describe our current trending home décor style. I am in love with this style and have loved decorating my new home with repurposed and eclectic items that have function and style.

This got me thinking about my own needs. I have a large wall in my bathroom where I would like to add some shelving so that I can put a plant, some extra towels and maybe a cute decorative item or two. What could I repurpose into shelves for this wall?

That’s when I got Evan involved. Evan is one of our staff members at Heirlooms for Hospice and Charmed by Heirlooms, in Grand Junction. I shared with him my vision for these shelves and he ran with it!

Follow these steps to make your own shelves inspired by Evan:

Step one: Collect your wood and cut it to size. We used repurpose wood from old projects. Cut the wood to the size you want with a chop saw.

Okay, okay, I know what you are thinking…“ummm, Mandy, I don’t have a chop saw or leftover wood.” Don’t worry, I have a solution for you! If you purchase lumber at a hardware store, most will gladly cut your lumber for you.

Step two:Drill two holes in each end of the wooden shelves. This is where you will thread rope through to hang the shelf.

Step three: Paint. To give your plain lumber character, paint the shelf using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Step four:Add rope to hang the shelf. Loop the rope through the holes in the wood and tie a knot to secure the rope. You can braid the rope if you’d like to give it some more charm.



Optional Step: You can add hardware like a rod below the shelf for additional uses and style.

This is one example where you can dig through your garage to find items needed to repurpose into a functional shelf. With Evan’s help, we created something simple, beautiful and rustic from items we already had and now you know how too! I for one, cannot wait to hang one of this in my bathroom!

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