I love being organized! I recently moved and downsized a bit and since I knew I would have less space, I did a lot of Pinterest searches on organization. I came across an idea where you can purchase one of those hanging shoe holders and attach it to the back of your laundry room door to store all sorts of spray bottles, rags, furniture movers, flashlights, etc.

At about the same time one of our Charmed volunteers came up with the idea of making our own hanging organizer out of denim and pockets. These are so adorable, so much more fun and personalized!

We expanded our thinking a bit more and realized these can be used for a variety of different storage needs. Maybe you have one in a child’s room for small toys and nick-knacks. Perhaps in a craft room for scissors, thread, bobbins and tape. My favorite is the one I call the “gift wrap organization station” where you have all your gift wrap, gift bags, tape, scissors, bows and cards – all in one place!  Our imaginations ran wild!

Our Charmed volunteers have made several of these organizers and they are available at Charmed by Heirlooms, but if you’d like to tackle this project on your own here is the step-by-step DIY.

Step #1:  Decide on how you want to use your organizer and what you need to store. Pick the size and find a piece of denim, canvas or any other heavy material to act as your framework. Also find some old jeans that are begging to be cut up and repurposed.

Step #2: Cut out pocket, belt loops and even pant legs to accommodate the items you’d like to use for your organizer. Play with the layout and don’t be afraid to be creative or funky!

Step #3:  Decide how you’d like to hang your organizer. Do you want to hang it on the wall with a dowel or perhaps you want to hang it on the closet rod. Here are a few ways our Charmed volunteers hung their organizers.


Step #4: Time to sew! Attach your pockets and hanging device and hem the edges. If you are someone who doesn’t sew often, make it fun and do it with a friend. Just a note: a thicker needle may be needed to get through the denim.

Step #5: Time to fill your organizer!


If you are like me and like to be organized than this project is for you! The options are endless for the type of organizer you can create!  It all depends on what you need to store and the space you have.  As always, if you need inspiration come on down to Charmed by Heirlooms and we can show you what our amazing volunteers have created!  AND, if you love one you see at Charmed, your purchase goes to a great cause – HopeWest and all of the programs that are provided to the community!

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