I’ve always been fascinated with Native American dream catchers and their symbolism, but when I ran across this idea I was in love with the blending of deep-rooted tradition with modern bohemian style. This is a fun, easy project that you can do right at home.

Step #1:  Collect Your Materials

Start by gathering an embroidery hoop of any size, a doily that is approximately the same size and any embellishments you would like to add to your dream catcher.

Step #2:  Layout Your Design

Separate the two embroidery hoops and place the doily inside the smaller, inner hoop. If your doily is slightly larger, it can hang over the edge of the hoop. If the doily is smaller than the hoop, you can use thread to tightly secure it to the inside hoop.

Step #3:  Assemble Your Dream Catcher

Drape the larger doily over the inner hoop and then carefully place the larger, outer hoop over doily, stretching the doily tight. Once secure, cut off the edges of the doily that hang out between the two embroidery hoops. If your doily is smaller than the inner hoop, use string to connect it to the hoop and then secure it with the larger hoop.

Step #4: Add Embellishments 

We added ripped fabric strips and ribbon on the bottom of the embroidery hoop and embellishments to the doily, but this is where you can be creative and add things that match your décor and taste.

This fun DIY project is the perfect combination of style and symbolism, but if you’re short on time, visit Charmed by Heirlooms where you can buy one that our volunteers created to fit any personality and décor!