Spring has sprung and here in the Grand Valley we are already seeing temperatures up in the 80’s.  Summer is on its way! I always love sleeping with the windows open and hearing the sweet little birds chirping. As the temperatures rise these little  birds need some place to cool off and bathe. It’s also the time of year we are eager to jump into yard work and dress up our outdoor living spaces. This got me thinking…how could we create a cool birdbath AND an artistic center piece for our patio by using everyday items?

I surveyed the store and started pulling items that go together. This was easier than I thought! I  found some candlesticks and bowls and started mixing and matching until I came up with a few neat ideas.

Here’s how to make a birdbath with candle sticks and bowls:

Step one:Choose a candlestick. You’ll want to find a candlestick that has a larger base and has some weight to it. You’ll be adding a bowl and eventually water so we want to make sure it is stable for our feathered friends. Another option:  If you don’t have any candlesticks, you might look at taking apart an old lamp as the base.


Step 2: Choose your bowl. You’ll need a top to your birdbath. It can be a bowl or a similar shape  that can hold water. I would recommend it be weather-proof and preferably not too heavy – so plastic or  light-weight ceramic would be best.

Another option: If you wanted to add birdseed instead of water you could find a neat plate instead of a bowl.


Step 3: Attach the base (candlestick) to the bath (bowl). I recommend “Liquid Nails” to attach the two together. Simply add glue to the top of the candlestick and the bottom of the bowl. . Press and hold for about a minute. I like Liquid Nails because it can adhere ceramic, metal, wood, concrete and other materials to each other and will withstand the weather. There is a cure time of a few hours, so we won’t want to put our masterpiece out in the rain right away. I also used a caulk gun for the liquid nails to help me control my glue a little better. Be careful when you attach the glue to the caulk gun because it may ooze out at first.


Finally, your birdbath is finished!

Finished Birdbath:

Finished Birdfeeder:

I loved the way the colors of the candlestick and the bowl so didn’t feel the need to paint, but adding color is another option!  We have more than 30 colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ® in the store or you could find an outdoor spray paint and be creative!

Now our little feathered friends can find a cool place this summer to bathe while you can enjoy a new piece of art on your patio!  I found this project to be easier than I thought, but if you’re too busy with summer plans come visit Heirlooms for Hospice at 635 Main Street in Grand Junction where you will find a variety of birdbaths to choose from.

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